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Asi es!! Uno de los corredores más “hiperventilados” confirma el rumor sobre que bici montara para la proxima temporada. Eso si no sera parte del Sindicate, pero si del Cedric Gracia Brigade.

CG Brigada la proxima temporada montara una de las V10 de Santa Cruz. Aqui los dejamos con la info ocficial enviada por CG a Dirt.

Now it’s the right time ! : )
I know a lot of people have been waiting for this newletter for a long time !
I have the pleasure and the honor to introduce my new bike sponsor !
The CG RACING BRIGADE is going to be pimped on SANTA CRUZ bikes.
Thanks to SANTA CRUZ to trust in me and the BRIGADE for the future; I am happy and proud to ride the V10.
I know I am going to have all the keys in my hand to do a killer job.
See you guys to the next event with my new bikes and other partners to celebrate some good moment with the BRIGADE.
Special thanks to all the fans who support me by e-mails and on FACEBOOK !
As I say, The BRIGADE is coming !

Vamos a ver que mas nos trae esta brigada de Cedric este año,

Por otra parte Rob ROSKOPP de Santa Cruz dice:

“Santa Cruz Bicycles is very excited to be the frame supplier for Cedric Gracia’s Racing Brigade. There are few riders who are competitive in multiple disciplines these days, especially one’s that have a great attitude and personality such as Cedric. We look forward to helping Cedric achieve his goals”.

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