Report :: The Chilean Adventure por Jerome Clementz

Report :: The Chilean Adventure por Jerome Clementz

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La semana pasada después de que volvimos desde Valdivia, teníamos con Jérôme y Ben una agenda bien ocupada.

Queríamos mostrarles la mayor cantidad de senderos que tenemos aqui en la zona central para hacer enduro.

Todo esto con el fin de poder sacar fotos y videos para promocionar nuestro próximo evento endurero de 4 días y que les daremos a conocer en diciembre y que se realizará en febrero (asi es que guarden vacaciones y lucas)!!!

Los días estuvieron intensos haciendo enduros con bajadas de 3900 mts de desnivel ,  con 1200 mts de subidas en 42 kms. En estos días nuestro fotógrafo oficial Juan Luis de Heeckeren nos acompaño sacando fotos increíbles.  Juan Luis nos mostró una faceta escondida: su dotes de montenbaiker que incluso sacaron aplausos del campeón del mundo ya que bajaba a fondo.

A continuación los dejamos con algunas fotos y el report de Jerome en ingles de lo que fueron estos dias en Los Andes Chilenos.

Hi Guys

Just a quick sum up with pictures of my adventures in Chile for your Website or Facebook:
I will forward you some lifestyle pics from my phone too.

When Cannondale south American manager, Juan Vivo and Eduardo de Solminihac from, contacted me to invite me in Chile, I couldn’t believe it and was really excited to visit South America again.

After 2 weeks there I can just say that it was awesome.
The schedule was simple and efficient.
-1 week around Valdivia with the 2nd race of the Montenbaik enduro championnship
-1 week around Santiago shredding all the possible trail around in the Andes mountain.

The first week in Valdivia was really relaxing, travelling 800km across Chile,riding trails next to the pacific ocean,enjoying some time in the canals on boat. and drinking beer at the local brewery Kunstmann (Partner of the race)

We ended up this part of the trip with a race with all the Chilean riders. It was a great moment to compete against all this fast pilotes with an amazing background. Much different from what we are used to in Alpine race.
After an hard race I took the 2nd place, 3 seconds behind my team mate Ben Cruz and 3rd was Nicolas Prudencio.

No rest for us as the second week was pretty stacked.
When we arrived back in Santiago, we took some 4 wheel drive in the mountain and rode 3 days in a row on amazing places.

Once again the crew, a mix of Amazing Chilean rider, guys from and Photo-video guys, help to make it even more fun and enjoyable.
We were screaming, drifting and sliding all day long beetween big pushing climb to reach the next downhill.

That was some of the longest and biggest downhill ever in my life. More than 4000m drop/day on quality singletrack. Andes are magic

We end up by a big day out on the bike with 40 customers of the intercycles shop in Santiago. Sharing a ride with all this locals was a really nice way to finish the trip and see how people are friendly and love mountain bike here.

Now It’s time to rest and enjoy some winter sport. Be sure I’ll be back next year for more adventure.

Thanks to all the people I met there and to all the people that make this happen.
A special thank to Ben Cruz, without him everything wouldn’t have been such funny.

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