Eng Altos De Lircay / Siete Tazas


This amazing trip includes two days of pure adventure in Altos Lircay National Reserve and Siete Tazas National Park.  Recently authorized to practice MTB, these trails are known by just a few riders.  They have unique landscapes and breathtaking views.



All tours will be guided by an expert rider, and groups larger than six will have two guides. On day one we will shuttle from a designated place to Vilches Alto, where our epic day of pedaling begins. During the day, snacks will be provided to each participant.

On day two we will shuttle from Lircay to “English Park” in Siete Tazas National park for a unique backcountry experience where one minute you are weaving through trees and the next floating over the tree line in volcanic rock.  That evening we will return to Santiago and spend the night in cabins or camping (depending on the participants’ decision).

Technical level: mid/high Physical level: mid

Each participant will be provided:

  •  Medical insurance in case of accident (max USD xxx).
  •  Personal tent, bathrooms and showers.
  •  All meals, snacks, and beverages.

Not included:

  •  Bicycle and equipment (helmet, clothing, etc.)
  •  Sleeping bag, and camping matress

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