Eng Santuario de la Naturaleza


This entertaining full day tour takes place in the foothills of Santiago, we arrive to a designated point by truck where we begin an outstanding drop from 2800 meters, then ride over 2,000 meters of vertical descent. We finish the day riding the nearby trails of Durazno mountain bike park.



All tours will be guided by an expert rider, any groups larger than six will have two guides.  At the beginning of each day we will shuttle to the highest point where you will pedal to the top of the trail to begin. Throughout the day, the need for a second shuttle while be assessed, and snacks will be given to each participant.

At the end of the day riders arrive to a warm atmosphere, with the a barbecue prepared by our staff and activities to finish the tour.

Technical level: high.

Physical level: mid.


Each participant will be provided:

  •  Medical insurance in case of accident.
  •  Pedaling snacks, and beverages.

Not included:

  • Bicycle and equipment (helmet, clothing, etc.)

If you have questions contact us!!

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