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La sección de la discordia!

Que carrera que tuvimos el fin de semana! apareció la lluvia y pensaba que se había acabado la carrera y que el piloto que tenía el hot seat hasta ese momento sería el ganador de la fecha pero el destino tenía otra cosa que decir.

La sección que les dejo a continuación que marcó una diferencia toda la semana entre los corredores y la organización.

Tahnee fue super clara!

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I don't usually speak out about stuff like this because it is what it is and I don't like moaners, but when something can clearly be helped I feel the need to voice an opinion. Yesterday was awful. To see even the top 20 male riders tripod down and struggle in a small 15 meter section on a 5 minute track was frustrating. The section was clearly a mess and dangerous- not because of its difficulty but because of its maintenance. All week riders were making suggestions to improve the quality of the wood section to make a better and more exciting race. We work so hard to be at the level we are, and for something as silly and easy as not listening to the riders was a little disappointing. I speak out for many athletes this week end- whether they were winners or back of the pack. This is racing- not an entertainment or joke for viewers. We all want the sport to move forward and progress, so why not work together? Never the less I was blown away by some of the performances out there and history was made. Mega happy for those who owned it. Hopefully we can all learn from this race and improve on future. Photo: @svenmartinphoto

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Otro que saco la voz fue el entrenador de Brendan Fairclough y Manon Carpenter, Alan Milway.

Que opinan ustedes? Debieron escuchar a los corredores o estuvo bien la decisión de no cambiar el circuito?

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